Nightfall is a first person survival horror game based in Philippine folklore, where you play as Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who works for struggling newspaper company.

The game is a creation by Zeenoh Games, who, like Anino Games, creators of Anito, is also based in the Philippines.

The story starts with Ara’s investigation of an abandoned mansion where people went missing in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Players are required to solve the mystery behind the tragic incident by exploring the maze-like mansion while pitted against popular monsters based on Philippine folklore– one false move and the game is over.

Steam has given the Greenlight status to Nightfall. And Square Enix? They are willing to lend a hand to Zeenoh should interest to the game skyrocket.

The images shown are of the game in current development. It may change in the final version.

Reactions so far called for a modernized look in comparison to more established games, but there are those who are vastly interested in the gameplay, especially in the appearance of the mythological monsters.

Visit Nightfall’s official website here, or their Steam Greenlight page here.

Square Enix featured Nightfall in this page, and voting for the game will make the company help out in the development, production and even marketing.