Not again.

Street Fighter II is quite infamous for its various revisions through the years. And now, there’s a new one after several years. Or rather, after that HD remix.

Behold, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

For the first time in nearly 20 years, since Super Street Fighter II, two new characters join the fight; Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. This version of Ryu has succumbed to the Satsui no Hado and is now obsessed with fighting in order to prove he is the strongest. His former honorable self has been purged, allowing him to enjoy absolute power and embrace an unquenchable bloodthirst for battle. First seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Ryu’s dark side has always managed to show up in one way or the other, and is a pain to face in Super Street Fighter IV and its later versions.

Violent Ken is the result of M. Bison kidnapping and brainwashing Ken, enhancing his abilities with Psycho Power and twisting his brotherly rivalry with Ryu into hatred. Violent Ken is more ruthless, aggressive, and fearless with moves that feature purple flames instead of his signature fire. From being a simple non-canon event character in Street Fighter II: The Animation, he made his playable debut in Capcom and SNK’s crossover game for the Neo-Geo, SVC Chaos. Apparently, SNK is the one behind Violent Ken’s game realization, and was theorized before to be Ken succumbing to Orochi power, which loses foothold in his ending.

Two game modes are available; the traditional 1 on 1, or the 2 on 1. Upscaled graphics by UDON Entertainment is available, as well as the traditional pixel art.

Nintendo Switch TV, Tabletop, and Handheld modes allow you to play Ultra Street Fighter II at home or on-the-go with brand new single-player and multiplayer modes. More information and details on these modes, along with confirmed pricing and release timing, will be shared at a later date.