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Platinum Games get fresh investment from Chinese firm

With Platinum Games aiming to get publishing independence, it remains to be seen how it will affect their IPs, such as Bayonetta, NieR and others.

LOOK: A fan-made RAFFY TULFO in ACTION arcade stick

One fan of Raffy Tulfo, of his own titular public service program RAFFY TULFO in ACTION, created an arcade stick decal in honor of his “Idol Raffy”

PUBG Halloween Costume & Frying Pan + Bike thief = INSTANT CHICKEN DINNER

For Jeffrey Dweller, not only is he dressed up in his PUBG flair, he got to try his move in real life– on a bicycle thief.

Would you buy 32GB USB flash drives guarded by defeated Street Fighters?

New from Bigboystoys HK is a line of USB flash drives featuring Street Fighter characters in their defeated figures.

The secret of successful Dr. Strange players in UMVC3 and MVC:I?

This may account for a surge of overpowered Dr. Strange players in the tournament scene as of late.

StarCraft and its Brood War expansion are now officially free, while a new remastered version is now on sale

There’s no catch. The classic version is just free on both PC and Mac, while the remastered version is now on sale.

ANOTHER ONE?! – New SF2 game adds Evil Ryu, Violent Ken

For the first time in nearly 20 years, since Super Street Fighter II, two new characters join the fight; Evil Ryu and Violent Ken.

Kancolle Animation Sequence invades Philippine TV screens

Having shown recent anime titles such as Code Geass and even Shakugan no Shana before undergoing a hiatus, this time, Kantai Collection – Kancolle: Animation Sequence is lined up.


Looks like Disney is ready to make it happen again, if this rumor is indeed true.

Jose Rizal’s Noli me Tangere now a playable Visual Novel

Now there’s a more updated way to appreciate Jose Rizal’s classic novel, a required reading in Philippine education.