A man who shot two persons dead over rumors of his motorcycle being stolen is now the subject of the wrath of social media, and police manhunt.

Wanted for the murder of Dave and Angel Abello, who filed a complaint initially for harassment and grave threats against the former is Allan Cantreras Averilla, 38 years old, resident of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

The Abello couple were slain outside the Barangay hall of Minuyan, in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, after attending a hearing regarding Averilla’s settlement for his violent misdemeanor that caused injury to the couple earlier.

The violence was initially triggered by the Abello couple alleging that the Honda Mio owned by Averilla is stolen.

The settlement of PHP 30,000 was demanded by Dave Abello, but Averilla protested that he could only afford PHP 5,000.

Right after the adjournment of the hearing, with no intention to own up, Averilla killed the two on their way out, and got away afterwards using his own motorcycle. The act also killed Angel’s unborn child.

The incident was caught in CCTV and Averilla is now not just a violent man, but a ruthless killer.

According to Facebook posts, Averilla was last sighted en route to Davao City for unknown reasons.

His Facebook account is now deactivated as well, most likely due to the wrath of the social media users.

If there’s any indication as to what may happen to him, it won’t be any surprise if an APB including a ‘Shoot on sight’ order is carried out against Averilla due to his merciless and remorseless act of murder.

Any sighting of Averilla must be reported immediately to the now-national 9-1-1 emergency number. Assumed as armed and dangerous.