Let’s take a break from the news of bad cops being dirty as usual. Here’s one that’s actually worthy of praise.

A gallant policeman came to the aid of an old woman who was bitten by a dog. When he realized that the hapless woman had no means to buy the anti-rabies treatment from the San Lazaro Hospital, whose specialty is animal bites, he shouldered the woman’s anti-rabies treatment without hesitation.

He was identified as PO2 G. P. Jalandoni, according to the statement from Celine Annne Giguera Hugo, posted in Facebook.

Awhile ago in San Lazaro Hospital after paying the cashier, I saw a policeman carrying an old woman. I thought she was his mother or something, then someone said “that poor old person, just begging alms and got bitten by a dog,” so I asked that person what the policeman is doing. The policeman saw the the old woman idle in the waiting area because she had no money for the hospital bills and medicine, so he helped her even if she had no way of paying back. The policeman was counting the amount needed for the anti-rabies (treatment) because in one vial, four persons can be treated as it contains 1200 (ml?), as San Lazaro Hospital is a public hospital. You can see the old lady seated, and another helpful man gave more assistance. There are still GOOD SAMARITAN today, and so for PO2 JALADONI G.P 157437 and for the man in red who helped the old woman, may you be blessed by God and may you be able to help more.

The Philippine National Police saluted the policeman in their Facebook page, and netizen reactions are just as positive.

That’s a real policeman there!

Yes! This is true! I was there as well. I really thought she was a companion of the policeman, but her really helped her because he saw her just standing. He’s really kindhearted!

If only other policemen were like that…

That’s the one who should be exemplified! You are kind, sir.

Now that’s a policeman! We salute you, sir.

May deeds like this continue to increase!

That’s how a policeman should be! Ready to help, not to heist!

Spratlys Charade salutes these kinds of policemen who are the pride of the Philippine’s police body.