After SNK Playmore gets acquired by Ledo Millenium, a subsidiary of the Chinese investment firm Leyou Technologies, a new KOF entry has been announced in the recent 2015 Tokyo Game Show.

Good, because all SNK Playmore has been doing lately is milking its existing franchises again and again, making re-releases to more modern platforms without any new content.

The good side of that? The PCs are finally tasting the legendary SNK games that was previously not done before.

Let’s not how they’ve made all but pachislot games, something that made many gamers go SMH.

Back to the story, The King of Fighters (KOF) series has always been a fan favorite, having fans in Southeast-Asian countries and even as far west as Mexico. It is always featured in gaming tournaments and has reportedly a cult following in China, to the point of mad obsession.

Now, there is a KOF XIV (The King of Fighters XIV) and that’s after the climatic KOF XIII, which saw reviled protagonist Ash Crimson get obliterated with Saiki due to a generated paradox in the story. Previous claims of KOF XIV have been either an elaborate hoax or a hacked game, or even a Chinese ripoff. Yup, this time, it’s NOT a hoax nor a Chinese ripoff; it’s a real game, announced straight from the horse’s mouth.

From the video presentation, 2D sprites are no longer used. Shame, because the 2D sprites are the stuff that made the KOF series truly notable. But seeing how 2D sprites can be too time consuming to create, 3D models are the way of the future.

Or maybe they can pull off something like Guilty Gear Xrd did, making pseudo-sprites that are actually 3D models made to look like good old anime-styled sprites.

Judging from reactions to the trailer, viewers are wary it could turn into something similar to the panned Maximum Impact fork of the KOF series.

But it’s too early to worry about that, as it is slated for a release next year 2016.

No details about the storyline is made known either, nor the potential cast that may be considered for inclusion. What we do know is that perennial rivals Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, now sporting all-new looks are seen duking it out in the trailer.

For the nth time, KOF is here again. And this time, we hope a regular quality entry now that the company has been revitalized.