Triggered by what seems to be a soft-ban of a “raw super move” from the challenger, a joke move of pulling a knife over a rival player in a The King of Fighters ’97 arcade game, has triggered this horrific bloodbath. It would’ve been a sight to behold, in the eyes of Geese Howard.

According to reports from QQ and Orochinagi, among Chinese players, there’s an unwritten rule that all DMs or SDMs (Desperation Move and Super Desperation Move, in KOF lingo) must be performed in a combo, and never on its own. A winstreak that was broken because of this “violation” started the carnage.

The incident happened in Wanda Arcade, in Beijing, on the afternoon of January 30.

As of this writing, both the victim and attacker are still unidentified.














According to translated messages and witness accounts, the victim, a challenger of the attacker’s winstreak, performed a DM without incorporating it into a combo. As a result, the victim won the match of the game, but broke the unwritten rule.

The attacker was said to be “trolling” or joking around, and pulled a knife, brandishing it in front of the victim, calling him out on the sucker-punch-like way of winning. The victim interpreted this as hostility and retaliated with a chair.

A scuffle ensued as a result. The attacker came to senses, but the knife already hit the victim, causing profuse bleeding.

Upon seeing the blood everywhere, the attacker went to the aid of the victim and regretted his actions.

The victim was quoted to cry out “Was it necessary to use a knife?”

Further accounts claim that the attacker hugged the victim. The victim is reportedly receiving treatment in a hospital. The incident is still under investigation by authorities.