In an event some superstitious people would call an omen, Robin Padilla begged off from the film production of Nilalang, which earned him Maria Ozawa’s disappointment. He reasoned that Mariel Rodriguez’s pregnancy became tricky as it was learned that she was carrying triplets instead of twins, as earlier reported. However, things took a turn for the worse for the Filipino actor upon announcing that his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, has miscarried.

As per report by Rappler, it seems Robin’s worst fears came true.

To our dear public,

We have received a confirmation message from Mr. Robin Padilla regarding the status of their pregnancy.

It is with such a heavy heart that we are informing you that Ms. Mariel has suffered a miscarriage on August 12, 2015 at 6:30pm and the couple have lost the triplet pregancy.

On behalf of the couple we would like to ask for you prayers and utmost consideration for the couple’s privacy and comfort.

May the Creator bless them with hope, mercy and joy.

Last August 1, Robin initially confirmed that Mariel was pregnant with twins. On August 10, Robin announced on Instagram that she was actually pregnant with triplets.

Robin begged off of his his upcoming movie, Nilalang, with Japanese actress Maria Ozawa, because he wanted to attend to Mariel, who had a delicate pregnancy. Mariel also suffered a miscarriage in March.

Maria criticized Robin for backing out of Nilalang, which was supposed to be released in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015. She called him “unprofessional” for backing out of the movie 10 days before the start of shooting.

Additionally, Robin Padilla asked his followers to stop criticizing Japanese actress and former adult film star Maria Ozawa after he decided to beg off from doing the movie Nilalang, originally scheduled to start shooting this month.

Earlier, Maria had said that Robin was “unprofessional” for opting out of the project.

He told his followers that Maria has the right to express her disappointment.

All have the right to speak and fight for anything that they believe in. You have expressed your thoughts already and displayed your undying support to my wife loudly, which I am thankful on some but shocked/protested on many [sic]. My dear fellow Mariel loyalists, my little sisters in the Katipunan, it will be wiser for you to stop first because truly our camp is at fault, let the camp of Ms Maria Ozawa voice out their pain, it’s natural, it’s organic… Again pray for my 3 in 1. Peace be with us all…