A brave policeman chancing upon a robbery in progress in a jeepney gave chase that ends in tragedy, for the robber’s part.

During the wee hours of the morning of March 9, aboard a jeepney en route to Fairview, Quezon City, the still-unidentified robber declared the heist in the middle of Elliptical Road and went on to divest mobile phones at knifepoint. This was witnessed as well by would-be passengers that backed off upon seeing the crime in progress.

After getting the loots, he ran away fast, while one of the female victims called for help, which was heard by a passerby on a motorbike, later revealed to be a policeman on duty. Seeing the runaway robber, the policeman mounted on the motorbike gave chase, declaring he was a policeman and commanding the robber to stop, until the suspect was cornered on East Avenue and Elliptical Road.

Seeing that the robber had no intention to surrender, and was even about to strike with his knife, the policeman was left with no choice but to use his gun. He then unloaded a headshot that promptly kills the robber.

As the SOCO (Scene Of the Crime Operatives) team processed the scene, the robber’s corpse yielded even more stolen items, including the freshly-divested phone from the most-recent victim.

The robber’s identity is still being established by the police, while the victims declined to be interviewed. The identity of the responding policeman and the victims were not revealed and was obscured.