After bagging millions of dollars following their megafight, pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather is currently in talks with Manny Pacquiao about the possibility of visiting the Philippines for an outreach mission.

According to an exclusive report by News5′s Trish Roque, Mayweather plans to help the less fortunate in the Philippines by hosting a feeding program together with Pacquiao who serves as a congressman of Sarangani, one of the poorest provinces in the country

The report added that Mayweather is also planning to set up a boxing gym in the country for young Filipino boxers who want to become successful in the future.

Mayweather won via unanimous decision over Pacquiao in their megafight on Sunday in Las Vegas that took five years to become a reality. The bout, seen as the richest in boxing history, also gave the unbeaten American, already the world’s best-paid athlete, a record purse of no less than $120 million.

Unknown to many, Mayweather actually has a foundation named after him which helps the poor in Nevada, including a regular feeding program for the homeless.

“I know how important it is to help those who are less fortunate than myself. I hope if I continue to work as hard outside of the ring as I do inside of it, I can inspire others to do the same and help out in their own communities as well,” Mayweather says on his foundation’s official website.

Mayweather also runs his own boxing gym, the Mayweather Boxing Club, where he regularly trains.

But despite his fame and riches, Mayweather isn’t really known for having a soft side. Apart from always showing off his fortune, the infamous accounts of him assaulting women are also well-documented.

His taunts, jeers and provocation, particularly towards Pacquiao, has been the subject of many outrage, debates and flamewars. These behaviors were notably toned down and eventually tamed from the time the two met in a basketball match months before the fight materialized.

He served prison time in 2012 after pleading guilty to domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, but his sentence was delayed and, eventually, shortened.

It will be interesting to see philanthropic actions from Mayweather Jr. in a country where he isn’t exactly respected as a dignified boxer, but the news has been nonetheless welcomed, albeit with a little skepticism.

Curious as to how such a boxer of notorious reputation could actually give back? Visit his foundation’s site here.

(source: Interaksyon)