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SNK Playmore’s KOF series finally gets a new entry: KOF XIV

After SNK Playmore gets acquired by Ledo Millenium, a subsidiary of the Chinese investment firm Leyou Technologies, a new KOF entry has been announced in the recent 2015 Tokyo Game Show.

!UPDATED! SECRET MARSHAL – Incognito off-duty policeman kills two bus robbers

A responding police officer, in civilian clothes and presumably off-duty slugged it out against robbers in the Del Carmen bus whilst traversing the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) northbound, killing two of them.

Drug addict in Gloucester, MA? Police will help, not imprison them

There’s a completely different method of dealing with substance addition that’s going on right now in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and it’s their police station pioneering it.

NHCP: Jose Rizal wouldn’t have minded Torre de Manila behind him!

Jose Rizal probably would not have minded buildings being constructed behind his monument in Luneta—in fact, Rizal would not have wanted a monument in his honor at all.

!UPDATED! “FATALITY” – Tweet accuses Iglesia ni Cristo rally for causing 1 life lost in ambulance due to gridlock

In a tweet last August 30, in the height of the climax of Iglesia ni Cristo rally, a Twitter user whose identity was concealed claimed that the traffic jam caused the demise of the mother of the twitter user’s friend, who was in an ambulance.

HOLLOW APOLOGY – Iglesia ni Cristo apologizes for actions, justifies inconvenience caused

Iglesia ni Cristo has apologized to the public for causing traffic congestion on Edsa on Friday night but at the same time appealed for understanding for their mass action.

The top 5 alibis Iglesia ni Cristo protesters give when asked to explain their actions

Read now the top 5 alibis INC members give when they are interrogated as to why they are out to disrupt the streets.

TRUE COLORS – Iglesia ni Cristo rallyists attacked and ganged up on mediamen, becoming more anarchic than ever!

The image of those who believe in Iglesia ni Cristo has sunken to an all-time low with the injury of a mediaman while covering the now-unauthorized protest, along EDSA.

The “SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES” of Iglesia ni Cristo demands Separation of Church and State, but condemns Due Process

Because of the complaint filed by Isaias Samson Jr. against the religion’s Internal Council for Illegal Detention, the religious group, through their followers, picketed at the main office of DOJ, claiming that the so-called “Illegal Detention” is an internal issue and should not be meddled with by the government.

BUSTED – Fake PLDT sales agent JOSE KILISTI accosted by would-be victim, now behind bars

Thanks to a persistent warning campaign in Facebook, a would-be victim has came face-to-face with the con man posing as a sales agent from PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telecom) and decided to deal justice his way.