Manny Pacquiao said he was open to the notion of a “sequel” to the so-called “Fight of the Century” against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It was revealed Tuesday that Mayweather texted ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith that he is willing to fight Pacquiao a second time, once the Filipino’s shoulder had healed.

“I’m quite happy that he is open to a rematch,” Pacquiao said. “First, I have to tend to my shoulder.”

“The doctors said that to have total 100% healing, I need rest for four to six months,” he added.

While the judges and punch statistics showed otherwise, Pacquiao and one of his biggest supporters still believe he won the fight against Mayweather.

“Actually we won that fight. We lost in paper, but in the match, we won,” said Pacquiao.

“He won the fight,” former governor Chavit Singson said, sponsor and adviser to Pacquiao. “He only lost to the judges, like what happened to (Timothy) Bradley.”

While the team said they won’t take away credit from Mayweather, many believe there could have been a difference if Pacquiao had full use of his right hand during the fight.

Pacquiao reiterated that he had no injury before the fight, and the anti-inflammatory injection which was rejected by the Nevada State Athletic Commission would have only numbed the shoulder in case of pain.

Pacquiao added that the pain only worsened after the intense action in the fourth round.

Pacquiao has delayed Wednesday’s return home to the Philippines as he is set to undergo surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff.