What a tragedy it was – The announcement of all franchises of Grand Chase shutting down broke the hearts of players and fans worldwide, as recent as the North American service of Grand Chase just this April 15.

Reactions towards shutdown included a strong protest towards their publishers, Twitter campaigns, and even a petition to take over the series, which KOG refused.

KOG Studios, the company behind the game, did not explain their action in detail, spawning various speculations from developer mismanagement and favoritism to even publisher corruption. No one really knows why the Korean service remains despite a global shutdown of the service.

To the fans, this was another case of manhwa (Korean comics) being maligned by gaming development, a fate that befell a similar manhwa: Ragnarok – Into the Abyss, except Ragnarok Online, the online game based on the manhwa, is surprisingly going strong.

As to why KOG flatly refused all efforts for someone else to continue Grand Chase may finally have an answer.

Spotted just recently, and also just released recently, is a mobile game that is for now, an Android exclusive.

Grand Chase M.

This is the Korean version; the app available is in English.

It is not related to the iOS Grand Chase Lite, which is a turn-based variant.

Published by Actoz Games, also a South-Korean game developer, just this April, a week roughly after the North American service closed its doors, the game is pretty much the PC online game with a touch of automated fights like with Brave Frontier.

The interface is different as it adapts to a primarily touchscreen system.

Actoz has this to say about Grand Chase M:

Defeat KazeAaze by forming elite allied troops [Grand Chase] from the kingdoms of Kanaban and Serdin!
Trigger special skills by filling up the Vitality Gauge!
Collect special skills to unleash your fatal attack! Send forth your ‘Chasers’!

▶ Game Features

1. Vivid action and dynamic graphics that everyone can enjoy!
A game with quick, easy Auto Battles that make it simple for anyone to play!
A 3D action RPG with outstanding effects and powerful impact!

2. A whole new kind of RPG where you can witness the true union of action and strategy.
Active skills, passive skills, even special skills!
Equip cards with various options to create the strongest of parties!
Dominate the battlefield using the distinct skills of each character!

3. Endless fun and not a moment to rest!
Earn EXP and raise your characters into 6-star characters using Character Synthesis!
There’s never a lull with an abundance of dungeons, raids, daily dungeons, infinite dungeons, battle arenas (PvP), collection, and much more!

▶ Various Modes of Play
– Dungeon: A total of 180 stages available at 3 different levels of difficulty! Obtain 3 stars for every stage!
– Raid: Challenge the powerful Boss Monster ‘Berkas’ to obtain the most coveted item!
– Battle Arena: Be victorious in the PvP Battle Arena and become the ‘Grand Chaser’!
– Hall of Heroes: Summon phantom heroes and join forces with friends to destroy them all!
– Dimension Crack: Challenge yourself in unlimited battles using 5 parties made up of your heroes!
– Wanted: Earn the Attribute Essence needed to evolve characters in the daily dungeon!

‘Grand Chase’! Enjoy the game loved by 18 million players around the globe, now on mobile!
Witness the rebirth of Grand Chase heroes on mobile! It’s a whole new way to play!

It is unclear whether Actoz is a publisher still under KOG’s beck and call, or KOG sold the Grand Chase franchise to Actoz, the latter being unlikely.

The publisher is still ironing out bugs so if you run into them, file a report with complete details for faster resolution of issues.

The Chase continues here, but only if you’re on an Android device. Or Bluestacks, at least.