A sudden ingame announcement sent chills down every Mercenary Online PH players: Mercenary Online PH is no more on and beyond March 27, 10 am.

The protesting employees of Massive Gaming slammed the sudden closure as yet another proof that the Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon is on the run evading employees, taxes, and perhaps even arrest.


With Mercenary Online PH closed, the protesting employees could only ask:

  1. Why was the notice so short? What about the players’ remaining cash?
  2. How come none of the Distributors were informed in advance? How will they sell their remaining inventory now? How about the Internet Café’s that still carry Massive pre-paid cards?
  3. What about the developer Yingpei? Massive owes them millions in Royalty fees. Will they ever get paid?

As usual, Miguel Limon is still being hunted. It is currently unknown if he has a warrant of arrest or a hold-departure order.

To extend any assistance to the protesting employees, click here.