In a complaint that makes Level-Up Playpark look caring in comparison, employees of local gaming Massive Gaming have taken to social media to air their serious grievances.

According to disgruntled employees, Massive Gaming president Miguel Limon has asked for further understanding due to the fact that he has not handed out 3 months worth of payroll, without making clear statements over the fate of the company nor its future plans.

Other employees learned later that their SSS, Pag-IBIG fund and BIR income tax were not kept up to date either.

The seriousness of the situation is underscored by the fact some employees resorted to loaning, only to learn that there is no payday coming.

The possible cause of Massive Gaming being unable to pay may be due to a sibling company of Massive Gaming facing a tax evasion case. Interestingly, the sibling companies Electronic Filing and Payment Service companies Wireless Technology Solution, Inc. and Intext Telcom Systems, Inc, belongs to Edgardo Limon, father of the embattled gaming company president.

According to BIR, in its February 2015 report, Intex Telecom Systems, Inc. was sued for alleged tax liabilities from 2006 to 2013 of P107.91 million, while Wireless Technology Solutions, Inc was charged for reported tax deficiencies from 2008 to 2012 amounting to P59.84 million.

Some of the employees are already weighing options, from threatening to leave the company, file a lawsuit, or take resources.

Many of the disgruntled employees already filed charges and are considering forwarding the matter to investigative bodies, such as the likes of Imbestigador or even T3.

Even their homepage is now hijacked.

A Facebook group specifically against Massive Gaming has been set up.

Angry employees who already filed charges has released the APB for the company president. It was also reported that Massive Gaming’s corporate offices is presently vacated and has moved to an unknown location. All their hosted games are currently dead.


PROTIP: Non-compliance with SSS policies constitutes a criminal act, as quoted here.