A Sudanese national, a pilot in training, made the unfortunate mistake of jaywalking along the streets of Manila. And if that wasn’t enough, he ended up cussing and provoking Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who happened to be manning traffic that time, apart from physically accosting him with his elbows.

The foreigner, immediately arrested for the offense is identified as Amro Aboud Hassan Etayeb, 23 years old.

According to local radio reports, Isko Moreno was manning traffic along the intersection of Pedro Gil and Roxas Boulevard when Etayeb was crossing the road repeatedly outside the proper area, going as far as standing still in the middle of the road.

The Vice Mayor at first tolerated his actions, but called the foreigner out when it became apparent that there was some attention-whoring going on from the part of Etayeb.

Etayeb resisted and hit Isko with his elbows, and was prepared to do the same to the responding traffic enforcers, who immediately arrested him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Etayeb spat on Isko’s back even behind bars.

The incident earned the Sudanese charges of jaywalking and assault to a person in authority.

We’re not quite sure if he gives a shit about the dignity he lost there though.