The time has come, at last, for all Filipinos to practice their right to suffrage. Are you a registered voter? Have you made up your mind? Are you all set?

When you are, go forth and vote. It starts at 6am of May 9 and ends at 5pm.

Do it in spite of bribes not to do so.

DO it in spite of the bribes for you to vote for a particular candidate. Pick the one that is truly in your heart.

Do it in spite of mortal threats to you.

Do it in spite of peer pressure.

Do it for the candidate you desire the most, whether they win or lose, disregarding their “winnability.”

Do it for the future of your children.

Do it for yourself. As a Filipino, you have every right to be heard.

Do it for change.

Do it even if it means you’ll write 30 for voting a candidate that threatens the status quo.

Do it even if a page tells you it’s a waste of votes.

Do it because your parents, grandparents and even ancestors has practiced it for ages. You are not exempt from it as a Filipino.

Do it because you are a Filipino, who also controls the destiny of the country.

The heroes of the country gave their lives for that very right of suffrage you now hold. Honor them by going out to vote.