A woman on a motorcycle saw a kitten drop from a passing truck, helpless and vulnerable on the road, and wasted no time rescuing the kitten after seeing it.

Posted on October 19, the woman only known by account name E511 in YouTube scooped up the kitten and brought to safety afterwards, aided by an unidentified woman on the sidewalk.

Video from the motorcyclist’s GoPro camera shows the kitten fall from a red car and sit, frightened, in the middle of the intersection on Monday as cars speed past.

At one point, a pickup truck appears to drive right over the tiny creature without actually hitting him. A large tractor-trailer carrying construction equipment also comes within inches of the kitten. After a few tense moments, the motorcyclist manages to stop traffic and nab the little feline.

The kitten was adopted by the rescuer on the spot and has been dubbed Skidmark, or Skids, for short. The kitten is now in a forever home.

The rescuer released a follow-up video thanking those supporting her.

Innumerable praises were given, from YouTube, Reddit, from where she is a regular, to even GoPro.