In yet what appears to be attention whoring from an unknown nobody, a female internet user rumored to reside in Singapore decided to court ire, by calling Filipinos as “smelly” after Megan Young won the Miss World title in Bali, Indonesia.

The ruse is reminiscent of certain “Filipinos” who post happy messages and extremely insulting messages during disasters. Many of their social media accounts, facing gigantic admonition, have since closed or been terminated.

Hate groups towards their users appear overnight and become very active to create retaliation messages, insulting meme pictures, or just snowball the movement.

Alleged personal pictures of Devina DeDiva are currently spreading. Due to this, comparative pictures have also appeared, with DeDiva’s incendiary message condemned as a hypocritical gesture.

The social media sites have cashed in on the pictures, creating various parodies, lampoons and memes.

However, it has been also pointed out that there is a possible angle that the hateful message was not made by the real Devina DeDiva, pointing to an account hijack or hacking.