You couldn’t decide still who to vote for President, Vice President, Senators and the party list. We’ll help out with that.

For starters, here’s our lowdown on WHO SHOULD NOT BE VOTED.

1. ANYONE OF THE LIBERAL PARTY: The party behind Incumbent President Benigno Aquino III. Too many follies despite achievements, and many of those flaws are considered unforgivable by many. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THEIR ILKS.
2. VP – Antonio Trillanes: A traitor to the country, as well as a political mercenary that has no business being in the government.
3. PARTYLIST – Anakpawis: A known communist front. Complains about anything involving the USA but suspiciously silent about Chinese incursions to the Scarborough Shoal.
4. PARTYLIST – Gabriela: A suspiciously selective women’s welfare group that also participates in anything that involves the USA. They’re also suspiciously quiet when real women are oppressed, especially if they’re government workers like policewomen. Their campaign has been extremely hurt when Duterte supporters rallied that NO VOTES should be given to Gabriela, to the point that the group begged for a compromise. Still, as suspected communist fronts, they do not deserve any votes.
5. Senator – Leila de Lima: This deserves special mention in spite of already being covered on account of being a member of the Liberal Party. Threatened Rodrigo Duterte of investigations, but has her own issues as well. She is also hated deep to the bones by the Iglesia ni Cristo.
6. Senator – Vicente Sotto: Known for his infamous plagiarism, you should never vote someone who will be a national liability and an incompetent Senator as well.
7. PARTYLIST – Magdalo: Trillanes’ brood who wrecked a hotel for the sake of mutiny.
8. PARTYLIST – BAYAN MUNA: A notorious participant in protest rallies who always calls every president of the country as a dog of the “imperialist USA” and brought nothing but trouble. Also a suspected communist front.

Now, you ask, WHO SHOULD I VOTE THEN? Read Below and why.

PRESIDENT – #3Rody Duterte
Out of all the presidential candidates, this guy is the real deal who means his words with action. That alone is a reason, and you can forget his other issues like rape jokes, suspected ill-gotten wealth which were fabricated, and moral liabilities. His rivals are prim and proper but couldn’t get things done, are beyond redemption, or simply don’t have executive experience.

VICE-PRESIDENT – #6Alan Peter Cayetano
Loyal to the point of being a dog to Duterte, he has his own set of credentials, and has shown he is indeed capable Vice President material. He will defend Duterte to the ends of the world, something his rival Bongbong Marcos pledged to do as well should he win instead of Cayetano. Duterte has touted Cayetano as his proper partner, and asked his supporters picking another VP bet to look the other way for a president. That didn’t stop the DuBong coalition and Iglesia ni Cristo from endorsing Duterte however. Cayetano’s finest hour came when he slapped a big STFU sign to ABS-CBN against a slanderous ad that broke nearly every rules in the book.

#3 Raffy Alunan III – A Duterte supporter, this man needs no introduction.
#7 Greco Belgica – A rising star in the local politics who had the pork barrel PDAF and DAP declared unconstitutional, effectively terminating them from the government. He also filed election bribery charges against Mar Roxas and Grace Poe, based on widely-documented claims of bribery from their parties. He also wants the Death Penalty reinstated. He is one of the senatorial candidates endorsed by Duterte.
#9 Sandra Cam – Another of Duterte’s senatorial anointees, who also taunted Trillanes after walking out from being shamed by BPI upon learning that the millions figures he claimed were in Duterte’s bank account never existed.
#17 Win Gatchalian – Though in another party, he did quite well in his tenure as Valenzuela City mayor and made sensible law proposals.
#18 Dick Gordon – DO NOT FAIL TO INCLUDE THIS MAN IN YOUR SENATORIAL LINEUP. His tenure as Red Cross chairman alone is enough reason to vote him back to the senate.
#28 Dante Liban – A Duterte senatorial anointee.
#35 Sergio Osmena III
#44 Roman Romulo
#45 Dionisio Santiago – A military general. Perhaps one of the PDEA who is not tainted. A good addition to Duterte’s cabinet.
#47 Francis Tolentino – Tagaytay City mayor and MMDA Chairman. Not too shabby in his MMDA tenure, perhaps a bit mediocre, but he got things done.
#49 Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva – A neophyte with a lot under his belt. Worth a try.
#50 Migs Zubiri

PARTYLIST – Bagong Henerasyon

Record your ballot number, the BEI in attendance and precinct number before voting and make sure to write it somewhere. Report to the BEI any inconsistency in your vote against the receipt, and report any incidence of voting inconsistencies to any of the following:

1. Dick Gordon
3. PDP Legal Team – +63947-998-1060 to 1064 (Luzon), 1052 to 1055 (Mindanao), 1056 to 1059 (Visayas)