PC fighting game fans are in for a treat, as Tekken 7 is now primed for an early 2017 release to the Steam platform!

The game, more than a year in the making in terms of testing, character additions and controversy, is going gold.

Unexpectedly, it also features Street Fighter character Akuma in the roster, a future allusion to Namco-Bandai’s answer to Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken. He was added in the Fated Retribution update to Tekken 7.

The news broke out in this years E3 expo.

In case you’re wondering, Josie Rizal is still there. And about her, let’s leave it at that.

Tekken 7 machines are already in the Philippines, mostly in Quantum Arcade, located prominently in SM malls. They do not carry the Fated Retribution update however.

And Josie players are far in between, but are confirmed to exist.