Except for the spot where the most casualties were found, now illuminated with candles, the night market in Roxas street resumes operations despite what happened last Friday.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte had to rally the people with her father and brother while pregnant. She also defied the fearmongering brought about by the bombing, vowing that the city will rise ‘not tomorrow, not after a week, but NOW’.

The only difference is that security is, needless to say, tightened, while persons of interest are being verified. It is currently unclear if the bombing was done by the Abu Sayyaf, druglords, political enemies, or a combination of those.

A patrol car ensures no repeat of the bombing can happen.

"We will not rise again tomorrow, after a week, or after a month. We will rise up NOW."

The requiem in the form of lit candles mark the ground zero of the bombing.

They had to snap up pictures to prove it, lest they be called insensitive and callous.

Bombing? What bombing?

(Some photos watermarked, taken from DUTERTE TODAY Facebook group. Original photographer of watermarked pictures currently unknown)