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Really, what are they fighting for?

Whoops, did they expect the USA and Duterte be in cahoots for perceived Human Rights violations when they’re exactly seeking help from that country to depose the Philippine leader?

ARRESTED – The Grinch of Jones Bridge

He will be charged with Theft of Government Property, with the pilfered wire as evidence.

VOLTES V Legacy – Can GMA finally do Japanese-styled shows right?

It remains to see if this will redeem or further condemn GMA as the Japanese adaptation butcher.

GMA’s Cesar Apolinaro writes 30

Spratlys Charade expresses sincere condolences for the reporter’s demise.

Megumi Nakajima is coming to Manila for Cosplay Mania this September!

Another Fil-Japanese personality is about to make her presence known to Filipinos in a popular anime-themed convention this year.

Luzon students cry about Martial Law in the south, claiming abuses while never experiencing it

These students were probably not yet born during actual Martial Law.

VICTORY – Isnilon Hapilon, Omar Maute killed in Marawi

The brains behind the Marawi siege has finally been exterminated.

ENFORCER AND PUNISHER – Steven Seagal agrees, Duterte is good for PH, pays courtesy call

He’s not just a cook, he’s not just an enforcer, Steven Seagal, a fan of both Duterte and Putin is here to create a series of movies based on current events in the Philippines.

US returns battleship flag donned by Nagato to Japan after years of storage

The ensign measures 2.6 meters by 4 meters and belonged to the battleship Nagato of the now-defunct Imperial Japanese Navy.

StarCraft and its Brood War expansion are now officially free, while a new remastered version is now on sale

There’s no catch. The classic version is just free on both PC and Mac, while the remastered version is now on sale.