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Heneral Luna financier is a Mestizo with love of country

The new film about a portion of Philippine history, Heneral Luna, has been financed by unexpected figures in the country.

Manila Metropolitan Theater under new management and repairs

After a long time of neglect, decay and disuse, the Manila Metropolitan Theater (MET), once a social and cultural citadel in the capital, is now getting a refresh that it so deserves.

Maria Ozawa, blamed for the miscarriage: “I did not jinx Robin Padilla’s triplets!”

Japanese actress Maria Ozawa cried foul after some Filipino netizens blamed her for the miscarriage of TV host Mariel Rodriguez, wife of her former co-star Robin Padilla.

PREMONITION? – Robin Padilla loses triplets to miscarriage, asks fans to stop bashing Maria Ozawa

In an event some superstitious people would call an omen, Robin Padilla begged off from the film production of Nilalang, which earned him Maria Ozawa’s disappointment. However, things took a turn for the worse for the Filipino actor upon announcing that his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, has miscarried.

Robin Padilla begs off from film to attend to wife’s delicate pregnancy, branded ‘unprofessional’ by Maria Ozawa

Former Japanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa took to social media her disappointment upon learning that actor Robin Padilla has backed out of their horror movie project which was included as an entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Hulk Hogan falls from grace over racist rant, terminated from WWE and game appearances

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) association has fired professional wrestler Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, on Friday, July 24, due to statements that admits himself being racist.

GTMACCCON – Celebrating Filipino Comics and Artists, in Fisher Mall, August 1

For the 4th straight year, GTMACCCON – Games, Toya, Manga, Anime, Cosplay and Comics Convention, is putting a nationalistic twist in their upcoming convention, to be held at the Upper Ground Floor Event Center of Fisher Mall.

Alamat: GMA-7’s first all in-house and locally-produced animation series

Philippine television station GMA Channel 7 has begun showing the country’s first animation anthology series, ‘Alamat,’ highlighted as a children-oriented show, made by Filipinos, for Filipinos.

Filipina Guitar Trio “Triple Fret” Wins Top Prize in the 27th Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival

The “Triple Fret”, an all-female classical-contemporary guitar trio from the Philippines composed of Jenny de Vera, Iqui Vinculado and Marga Abejo, won first prize at the 27th Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival held on 28 June 2015 at the Kyurian Hall in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

COMING SOON? – Ubisoft Philippines studio

French multinational video game developer Ubisoft is planning to set up shop in the country.