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OOPS! – ISIS selfie in Syria resulted in bombing by anti-terrorist forces

A terrorist from ISIS recently took a selfie of himself and posted it online in social media. Shortly thereafter, U.S. Intelligence, which heavily monitors social media accounts from ISIS members and supporters, managed to pinpoint an ISIS headquarters building in Syria by using the selfie photo as a reference point.

Galaga mixed with Tekken, anyone?

Bandai-Namco Entertainment brings you a crossover you probably haven’t seen coming.

Roan Sia, Manila SMS scam king dethroned

Police authorities in the city of Manila has arrested the so-called king of SMS scams in the Philippines.

Missing the online platform sidescroller Grand Chase? Read on, the chase continues!

As to why KOG flatly refused all efforts for someone else to continue Grand Chase may finally have an answer. Spotted just recently, and also just released recently, is a mobile game that is for now, an Android exclusive. Grand Chase M.

Be careful where you rant in the internet

Or you might end up with embarrassments like this.

San Miguel Corporation joins mobile business, to lock horns with PLDT, Smart and ABS-CBN Mobile

Soon, they will enter the mobile phone business, becoming the fourth operator in the country, after a unit it acquired in 2010 began rolling out its mobile infrastructure ahead of commercial operation by January 2016.

CAN’T MOVE ON? – Never-heard-of minority group insists a never-heard-of character in Tekken 7 instead of Josie Rizal

Allow us to fill you in about the situation and as to why Xana Dalisay, the girl insisted by a bunch of nobodies to replace Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, has been universally panned as fancruft even by her creator.

Jed’s Island Resort Gundam knockoff now rendered into usable 3D model

The infamous Gundam knockoff in Jed’s Island Resort in landlocked Calumpit, Bulacan province, has been turned into a 3D model for general use.

Even though eligible for Windows 10, pirates don’t get OS license and support

Even though Microsoft Corp. will let owners of PCs running pirated versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge, it will not grant them a free license. As a result, users of such operating systems will not get support and will face other limitations.