From the reviled trainwrecks in the form of Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan, Super Twins (an obvious inspiration from Sailor Moon), and even the half-baked Barangay 143 (with nice character designs but poor storytelling) comes another attempt at trying their hands in another Japanese property, this time of the memorable mecha series Voltes V.

Teased in their new year offering, the show boasts more Hollywood-level CGI, a glimpse of Heinel or better known as Prince Zardos, and the titular mecha tasked to fend off the Boazanian invasion of Earth.

It remains to see if this will redeem or further condemn GMA as the Japanese adaptation butcher.

Voltes V is produced by Toei Animation, licensed in the Philippines by Telesuccess. No schedule or date has been announced yet.