Change has come in many ways in the country, and it has found its way even in the Philippine anime and convention scene.

Otaku Expo Reloaded 2016, organized by Otaku Events came under fire due to the auctioned artwork on a tarpaulin reaching PHP 9,500 (roughly $200), which was found to have been used without permission.

Concerned artist Tony G alerted the illustrator, TOMATO of the issue.

As per the update by Tony G, TOMATO and Otaku Events appears to have reached a settlement that puts the issue to rest. TOMATO will be compensated for the art usage.

Diplomacy is not dead, as seen here.

The incident should also institute reforms in illustration usage in anime-themed conventions.

All’s well that ends well, amicably.

Meanwhile, the exorbitant waste of money in the auctioned tarpaulin has been the butt of jokes everywhere. Take this one for example.