Otaku Expo, and its organizer, Otaku Events has officially buried the hatchet and averted crisis about the artwork involved in the Ren and Ram Re:Zero tarpaulin that was auctioned for PHP 9,500 before it got worse. The settlement between the organizers and TOMATO and his artist group Butterfly Effect is confirmed by both sides.

In an official statement by Krnozine, the Art Director and one of the organizing persons of Otaku Expo, all is well between the two parties.

First of all, I sincerely apologize to the artist, “tomato” for all concerns regarding the artwork used during the tarp auction. It was a mistake on my part that led to trouble. In addition, I would also like to say sorry to the butterfly effect club. Finally I extended my sincerest apologies to all concerned artists who were affected by this situation, considering that I too, am an artist. I also want to thank tomato and butterfly effect for being open during our conversation, we were able to settle things smoothly (yes they were given a compensation as well) without any hesitation. You can also check out the links to their page to confirm 🙂


The organizers and the rest of the staff have nothing to do with what transpired and were not even aware of the situation until this fiasco started. I take full responsibility for everything and thank all of you for the trust and support you’ve shown us. See you all in the next event ^_^

Art Director/Organizer

People however, reminded the group to implement reforms because of the incident. Given the sincerity of the message, this may be taken into consideration for next year’s event.