Esteemed Filipino-Japanese voice actress Megumi Nakajima will at last, show her prowess to audiences from the nationality of her mother-side.

Announced out of nowhere on June 25 through Cosplay Mania‘s Facebook post, organizers cosplay.ph has secured Nakajima’s participation for Cosplay Mania 2018, to be held on September 29-30, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, located at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

Her concert event will be on day 2 of Cosplay Mania, and will be the first time ever that she will be performing in the Philippines in her capacity as a celebrity.

This announcement, of course, generated lots of hype and excitement. Her half-Filipino heritage is no secret, and many Filipino fans are aware of her performances in various voice acting roles, songs, and anime involvement.

And that’s not to mention her award-studded performances in her songs, singles and in being a seiyuu, or voice actress for various roles in animes and games.

She’s best known for her song performance and seiyuu role as Ranka Lee in the anime Macross Frontier.

And that VOCALOID Megpoid Gumi? That’s Megumi Nakajima’s voice. Even in the English voicebank.

To Filipino fans, she’s inviting you to come see her in the event, even speaking in her other mother tongue.

Megumi’s speech in Tagalog greatly hints that she indeed knows her Filipino diction quite well, which will endear more local fans. Comments in Facebook noted how her Tagalog sounds especially native, for someone who has lived most of her life in Japan.

Let the hype and (well-placed) Pinoy Pride burn bright.

Visit her Facebook fan page here, while you’re at it.