Spratlys’ Charade is not a knock-off. Or maybe it is. That depends on you, the reader.

Regardless, we thank you for actually caring to read up on this site’s history. That is, we assume that’s what you’re here for.

But like any other website, it aims to give you something worthwhile reading. And ranting about. And something to bring out the internet activist in you.


Boredom has spawned things one would not think is possible. Another thing is inspiration, motivation and a sense of identity.

This is a universally-shared trait that I am sure you can relate with.


It’s simple. Ruthless, direct-to-the-point, wild-wild-west and truthful. Unless we say it’s a joke or we’re screwing with you.

We don’t believe in molds like professionalism because they can only go so far. They’re nice to have but not as a way of life. Humans, by nature, HATE accountability. Even the most responsible of people yearns to be free of shackles.

A chaotic force would probably best describe us. We don’t (like to) conform to molds but we know what constitutes greater good.


Anime: The standard fare of Japanese Animation, be it updates, nitpicks, and everything under the sun. But that’s not our full specialty.

Cats: Feline creatures that think you’re another piece-of-shit cat that needs nurturing. Just look at how they bring you dead prey, thinking you can’t fend for yourself. We love cats and so should you. Even if you have allergies. There are hypoallergenic cats.

China: Faux communist nation that’s bullying the South-East Asian nations. We do need to keep an eye on them, right?

Computers: Tell me how you can live without one these days.

Cosplay: Cosplay as observed from the Philippines. It may result in bruised egos, for which we disclaim any responsibility.

Curiosities: Peculiar objects, events and others worthy of attention that do not fit any other things here.

Current Events: Relevancy of current affairs, and what we think deserves applause or scorn. Your mileage may vary.

Entertainment: You know what this is.

Games: While we do not specialize in in-depth game details, we may write a thing or two about it.

H: Mmmm mmm… Any man’s desire. We do not show the full monty, for obvious reasons.

Internet: Whether be innovation, news, or something random, you might find it interesting.

Japan: The source of pleasure (or pain) of the current generation. Not limited to the country’s current events.

Manga: Japanese comics.

Philippines: The 7,107 (and much recently, 7500) island nation comprised mostly of special snowflakes thinking they’re hot stuff in MOBA games. With a hypocritical temper to boot, when called out of their attitude.

Politics: While it is something the NEET hates, we are inevitably drawn to it as the future is shaped from its innards.

Public Service: Something that could help, inspire, or alarm you. Well, not really alarm you as in make you startled.

Random: We also like to make fun of things, and also make fun of ourselves.

Sports: Because not moving a muscle leads to diabetes or cancer.

Technology: What will be your new toy tomorrow?


Questions? Associations? Or something better read privately? All welcome here. Look for Reelic.