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UBISOFT Philippines now hiring 3D model artists!

Now that they’re opening shop, the hiring has begun as well.

AT LAST – DICT law finally signed

It is one of the most awaited pieces of legislation from the 16th Congress, both by the telecom, BPO and IT industry in the country.

VOCALOID voice actor, a self-confessed fan of Davao City greets President-elect Duterte

Apparently Gackt has visited Davao before, perhaps in quiet fanfare, something popular figures like him now see as treasure.

THROWBACK – We now have a Punisher of the south, and maybe soon, a Nation Builder of the north

Who would’ve thought this mockup of a meme would actually come almost very close to being true?

Canonization all set for newest Japanese saint based in Manila

The saints and martyrs of Japan will have a new member in its ranks in the personage of a faithful Daimyo who died in Manila after fleeing from Japan’s anti-Christian policies, choosing to stick with his faith rather than comply with the warlords’ decree of eschewing Christianity.

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT? – ABS-CBN talents rooting for Liberal Party defy Comelec rules

Now, will they make excuses or show unusual leniency because they are Liberal Party sympathizers?


You couldn’t decide still who to vote for President, Vice President, Senators and the party list. We’ll help out with that.


The time has come, at last, for all Filipinos to practice their right to suffrage.

DESPAIR FOR DUTERTE’S FOES – BPI scandal, Trillanes, all failed to dent Duterte’s survey lead towards poll day

He remains the top choice for president, and nothing dented his ratings at all.

ENDE – Iglesia ni Cristo throws support behind Rodrigo Duterte and Bongbong Marcos, and more…

Despite pleas from the Philippine President himself, Iglesia ni Cristo gave them the proverbial dirty finger by supporting instead their worst nightmare; Rodrigo Duterte and the late strongman’s son, Bongbong Marcos.