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HERE COMES THE BACKLASH – Execution of 8 drug convicts sparks anger from Australia, Brazil

An Indonesian firing squad executed eight convicted drug-traffickers from several countries on Wednesday, prompting Australia to recall its envoy to Jakarta and bringing an angry reaction from Brazil.


It seems all the prayers and pressure, and persistent pleads of clemency have appeared to pay off. Out of the prisoners due for execution, only Mary Jane Veloso came out with her life intact, even as she resigned her fate already.

PART 2 – Kancolle shipwreck counterparts beyond sovereign Philippine waters

The following are other ships that technically did not sink in Philippine territorial waters. However, with the Philippines acquiring Benham Plateau, they are highly likely to be included in Philippine jurisdiction in the future. They are nonetheless covered in an Exclusive Economic Zone area and current international jurisdiction limits, to which the Philippines asserts rights.

HOLD IT! – Widodo calls Cabinet meeting after report of Veloso recruiter’s arrest—report

After learning that the alleged recruiter of Mary Jane Veloso has surrendered, Indonesian President Joko Widodo called a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

DOOMED – Mary Jane Veloso officially a dead woman walking

“I won’t repeat this again, this is about the supremacy of the law.” With those words, Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has apparently driven the last nail on the coffin of Filipina death convict Mary Jane Veloso.

!UPDATED! Katsuhiro Harada to Xana Dalisay spammer: YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!

It seems Bandai Namco Games Project Manager Katsuhiro Harada has been enduring the barrage of Xana Dalisay spam longer than anyone thought. And when given the opportunity to blow some steam and curse a particular character, object or person, who did Harada call out? Yep, you guessed it, the Xana Dalisay spammer(s).

Missing the online platform sidescroller Grand Chase? Read on, the chase continues!

As to why KOG flatly refused all efforts for someone else to continue Grand Chase may finally have an answer. Spotted just recently, and also just released recently, is a mobile game that is for now, an Android exclusive. Grand Chase M.

THANKFULLY NOT LIKE MANDALUYONG – Quezon City passes ordinance regulating motorcycle backrides

The local government of Quezon City has passed an ordinance that regulates the back-riding of children on motorcycles.

!UPDATED! A guide to the Kancolle’s shipwreck counterparts in the Philippines

Here’s a list of those ship girls that sunk primarily in waters considered to be well within Philippine territory.

RECAP – Why Xana Dalisay is truly GARBAGE and UNWANTED

Missed out on the drama between Xana Dalisay, promoted by a lone Trinidad and Tobagan fan, and the controversial addition to Tekken 7, Josie Rizal? Here’s a list as to why Xana Dalisay is practically an eyesore to Tekken communities.