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ISIS bluffs at Jordan: “Your airstrikes killed an American hostage!”

Islamic State (IS) militants claim that a US female hostage, Kayla Jean Mueller, has been killed in a Jordanian air strike in Syria.

Jordan King Abdullah II leading ISIS bombing raid?

Making good of his vow to crush ISIS, King Abdullah II of Jordan directed airstrikes at various ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

Jordan destroys various ISIS installations in Syria and Iraq, in an “earth-shaking” response to prisoner burning

Jordanian Air force claims destruction of at least 19 targets, as US says Iraqi troops are set to start major ground offensive against ISIS jihadists.

AN EYE FOR AN EYE – Jordan executes ISIS prisoners after seeing Jordanian pilot’s execution

As demanded by relatives and pretty much every Jordanian, King Abdullah II wasted no time in putting their ISIS prisoners instantly at the gallows.

OVERKILL – ISIS executes Jordanian pilot, and it’s not by sawing his head off

ISIS terrorists execute captured Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh not by beheading, but by burning him alive in a cage.

ISDB-T devices in the Philippines and ABS-CBN’s black box

ABS-CBN, one of the largest televison networks in the Philippines, has launched its own Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) box that will allow digital TV signals to be received from television sets without ISDB-T tuners.

Sulpicio Lines maritime license revoked

Almost seven years after the sinking of M/V Princess of the Stars, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) canceled Sulpicio Lines Inc.’s authority to carry passengers across the sea.

Japanese band KISHIMA and DJ OZMA knows all about the Firipin MY WAY infamy… and parodies it.

It’s impossible not to know Karaoke-related incidents, especially involving those who sing Frank Sinatra’s MY WAY. Japanese band Kishida, with their singer Ayonocozy Show aka DJ Ozma, of Drinking Boys fame, pokes fun of the infamy in their promotion video.

Saw it coming, but still unprepared? Pre-fight staredowns with a kiss.

Kickboxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts matches, before the actual match, have staredowns, where both competitors face each other right before the fight. But some fighters have added a twist to that, by unexpectedly kissing their opponent on the lips, in an unexpected act that would be often, the ultimate provocation.

AT LONG LAST – Pacquiao VS Mayweather on May 2

After years of false starts, name-callings, provocations, memes and failed negotiations, the match is officially a done deal. The welterweight championship match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled for May 2 at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Garden Arena.