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RAGNAROK HAS COMETH: pRO ends March 2015

All things must come to an end. And the erroneously-titled Philippine Ragnarok Online RPG (It should be just titled Philippine Ragnarok Online) is next to write 30, the longest-existing (or was, in this case) in the local online game industry.

Snow Miku and the Manila Cathedral in Sapporo Snow Festival

You read it right. The iconic Manila Cathedral has been recreated in Ice at the Sapporo Snow Festival, where many pop culture icons and characters have been molded in snow.

2 of 9 LIVES USED: Dead cat from roadkill digs itself out of grave, alive with injuries

A cat with an overpowering will to live has dug its way out of a grave and made its way home five days after being buried.

REMINDER: KFC Double Down Dog available NATIONWIDE

In case you haven’t been notified, the previously-limited Double Down Dog is now available nationwide in the Philippines.

PH OIL INDEPENDENCE? – “Viable” oil field discovered in Cebu

Australian firm Gas2Grid, who has been conducting oil drilling in the Philippines, has formally announced the approval by the Energy Department of its application to declare the Malolos-1 oil well on the shore of the province of Cebu as an “oil discovery.”

SHITS GONE REAL: Real Riot of the Blood over KOF97 in China

Triggered by what seems to be a soft-ban of a “raw super move” from the challenger, a joke move of pulling a knife over a rival player in a The King of Fighters ’97 arcade game, has triggered this horrific bloodbath. It would’ve been a sight to behold, in the eyes of Geese Howard.


A feminist twitter account trying to sound like a voice of reason (or goddess, as we’ve been told) got the greatest burn of their life by being told. Literally.

Like floaters on a toilet: Pirate Bay is back

Faring slightly longer, after being raided in Sweden, The Pirate Bay is back.

Are you ready for an AKB48 sister group in the Philippines?

Coming from the heels of creating JKT48 and SNH48, the sister groups located in Indonesia and China, Yasushi Akimoto, group founder of the infamous AKB48, has plans to create a sister group in the Philippines.

Arise, the Double Down Dog copycats

Because of the Philippines-only Double Down Dog release, there were attempts to recreate this meal, some at the convenience of their own homes.