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Barangay Salawag: Now FPS games are banned as well

From the infamous Barangay in Cavite that made themselves famous for banning DotA in their jurisdictions, now they’ve added to the list of games that will be forbidden in that area; PointBlank and CrossFire are now banned as well.

Just like Floyd: Marlene Aguilar’s challenge answered by Mystica; gets blocked from messaging!

The Pope and Catholic-hating Marlene Aguilar has met her match: The similarly-controversial Mystica, who married a much younger man.


In what could be the year’s silliest ordinances passed, the town of Salawag, in Dasmariñas, Cavite, has passed an ordinance banning DotA across internet cafe jurisdictions.

More Aguilar Scandals: Marlene Aguilar challenges Pope to a MMA match

Eversince the scandal of Freddie Aguilar marrying a minor (in which said minor has come of age, making the issue moot) it seems scandals have …

Tweets so bad Jose Rizal must be beatboxing in his box of bones by now

There’s a saying; “Ang kabataan ay ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan” (The youth is the hope of our future.) But with tweets like this and more, surely, if they’re are our future, we’re history!