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Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, cussed and spat at by jaywalking Sudanese National

A Sudanese national, a pilot in training, made the unfortunate mistake of jaywalking along the streets of Manila. And if that wasn’t enough, he ended up cussing and provoking Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who happened to be manning traffic that time, apart from physically accosting him with his elbows.

And then there was Lavinia Herbert

Those who grew up with A Little Princess and those who watched its Anime, movie and TV adaptation knows all too well the villainous blonde that antagonized poor Sarah to no end.

Now, along with Sarah, she too has been given a social media voice in the 21st century, through a dedicated Facebook page.

Devina DeDiva: Hypocrite Supreme

In yet what appears to be attention whoring from an unknown nobody, a female internet user rumored to reside in Singapore decided to court ire, by calling Filipinos as “smelly” after Megan Young won the Miss World title in Bali, Indonesia.